SPIN – 1, 2, 1, 2….. Settling into the Rhythm for 50 minutes is what is going to make this ride not only fun but exciting! As a unified group we climb, sprint jog, dip, pump and lift weights to the beat of the music.  Mix this with your lower body burn for both a physical and emotional ride!  #Elevate. This class is 50 minutes.

SPIN + BARRE – This 65 minute class is a combination of a cardio ride & booty sculpting at the barre. Sweat, Breathe, Plie…you will want to repeat!!

SPIN + WARM BARRE FUSION – This 65 minute total body workout offers 30 minutes of spin in Studio B before heading over to Studio A for 30 minutes of Warm Barre Fusion.

SPIN + YOGA – This class combines a cardio ride, followed by hitting the mat for a full body strength & stretch! Post SPIN down dog never felt better! Classes is 75 minutes.

SPIN CIRCUIT –  This 75 minute total body workout offers 35 minutes of spin in Studio B before heading over to Studio A for 35 minutes of circuit training.


TSL BARRE  –  A 50 minute high energy class that combines pilates, yoga and ballet. This workout alternates between muscle isolation movements and fat blasting cardio intervals, followed by stretch and elongation techniques. Designed to improve posture, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. No ballet shoes, jazz hands or dance experience necessary! 

BARRE + CORE – If your looking for a total body workout Barre + Core should be your next stop! This muscle sculpting, cardio training, core conditioning class will leave you feeling more accomplished than ever.

WARM BARRE FUSION – If you can take the heat, then belly up to the barre for our new HOT barre class! This 60 minute class will have you stepping onto the mat for a barre free floor series. Let’s continue on to the barre, flowing through a set of exercises to your best DJ mix!

BARRE  10 – In this 50 minute Circuit Style Barre class you will be sure to feel the BURN! Barre 10 is designed to help you strengthen those accessory muscles while giving you extra time during each set to work on your form!


TSL CIRCUIT 50 – This 50 minute class hits all elements of the body. Cardio, upper & Lower body with some core involved as well.  You will leave you feeling like you have gotten a complete body workout.

TSL CIRCUIT 40– If you don’t have as much time for the TSL Circuit 50 but want to fit a TSL Circuit Class in,  then this is your class. This 40 minute class also gets you that full body workout and get you on your way!


LAB YIN WARM – Ancient Taoist philosophy turned a little urban…the qualities of Yin are dark, calm, passive & deep. Coming back to yoga foundation & using postures held for longer periods of time (3-5 delicious minutes) to allow for a deep opening in the connective tissues, this class is the perfect bedtime snack. Studio A is heated to 30 degrees through the use of our infrared panels, with the addition of 35% humidity. Classes are 75 minutes.

LAB FLOW YOGA – This 50 minute Warm Yoga class in Studio A will tone your body and allow you to gain flexibility while opening your heart to all the possibilities that lie within you. This class is suitable for all levels and will leave you feeling rinsed and renewed with a new sense of clarity and purpose.

LAB RESTORATIVE YOGA  This 45 minute class will calm the body and the mind. Through gentle movements, deep stretches you will release tension in your muscles and find stillness in the mind.

LAB RENEW FLOW & RESTORE YOGA  This is a 75 minute class that is Therapeutic through breath work, paired with skillful flow to build physical strength & flexibility. Detoxify your body; quiet your mind. This practice will close with a taste of yin and restorative postures to foster relaxation, balance and a renewed sense of Self. This class is open to all levels of practitioners.

Chest Lift (1)


CORE – During this 45min Mat Pilates style class. You will work through a series of exercises to strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, and back. Breathe will guide the movement. Noticeable improvement will be felt in balance, trunk strength and flexibility over time.

BODY & SOUL  This 60 Min class will connect you to something bigger than yourself!  You will be challenged both mentally and physically through a series of cardio and endurance exercises.  This is a full body workout! EXHAUST THE BODY, EMPOWER THE MIND!